I have just visited one of the most popular websites related to the most well-known brand in the entire world: COCA-COLA Company: On this web site, Coca-Cola has tried to put forward the essence of its main product. Coca-Cola Company tries, firstly, to hold youth interest (from 13 to 25). In this website consumers are able to have an overview about the company, as well as buy tickets or check up new offers, create and attend events, buy anything related to Coca-Cola, or even subscribe or contact them by email. In addition, we can have access to a wide range of information like new brand’s cafes, or tell a friend about our impressions. Finally, It is interesting the way in which Coca-Cola Company tries to convey its image as the best refreshment a person could drink to the consumer : “Ready to laugh? Ready to learn? Ready to taste? Ready to play? “.

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