The URL of the website related to advertising that I have found is .

It is basically aimed at both advertisers and webmasters. What the target customers will be able to do here, is finding each other in a very easy way.

This means that advertisers who want to publish an ad, e.g. of their company, will have easy access to finding webmasters willing to publish their ads on the website. However, it also works the other way round: publishers, who seek to earn an extra profit by publishing advertisements, will not have any difficulty.

Not only does the website contain information about the facilities it offers to its users, but it also enables advertisers and publishers to choose among their preferences when it comes to advertising. This allows for a satisfactory result after using the website’s services.

What I found especially interesting about this advertising website is that it gives the target market the freedom they need; i.e. they do not have any long term contracts, they can cancel an advertisement anytime they want and there is no need for software installation, which is usually very annoying.

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