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What is the URL?

Who is the site aimed at?

The site is aimed at parents who are searching for summer camps that suit their preferences. Since the website is divided into many different groups, (academic, sports, religion) it is very easy for the parents to pick out a camp that matches their needs as well as the children’s needs.

What can they do there?

The website contains a search engine where the parents can easily type in any summer camp they want, and quickly skim over the camp’s characteristics. Parents can basically look over many different camps and pick the best one for their children. They can quickly compare and contrast many summer camps.

What type of content does it contain?

Its content is basically focused on the many different camps offered in the website. It offers from traditional camps, to religious camps. It contains a camp forum, where people have the chance to share their camp stories or post frequent asked question.

5. Did you find anything surprising/especially interesting?

What I find surprising is the extent to which the programs are classified according to different criteria. What amazes me is how many different camps you can search for according to different needs. Not only can you visit this website for information on camps, but also information on how to rent a camp. In addition, this website not only has information on U.S.A camps but also on international camps. If you scroll down on the main page of the website, you can see that the website also offers camps to those with psychological problems such as autistic children. In conclusion this website classifies thousands of camps into many different categories that allow the user to easily search for camps that meet their needs.

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