Advertising Homework 1005

1. What is the URL?

2. Who is the site aimed at?

The website is aimed to everyone who wants to advertise a product, service, its company etc., or to create a huge demand of is product by reaching exactly its target market by choosing the characteristics of it (age, localization, place of work, keywords, language, training, hobbies, sentimental situation…) by creating an advertisement that can reach around 175,000,000 users of Facebook.

3. What can they do there?

Those who use this kind of advertise can create in a fast way a custom-built advertisemnt (with text and images if wanted). Also as I've said they can select their public by choosing the characteristics of it. If you decide to advertise like this you can also follow the yield of your advertisement at real time, know which users clic on your advertisement and change in an easy way your announcement to make it better of.

4. What type of content does it contain?

This page of Facebook content the instructions in an easy way (step by step) you should follow to create your own advertisement and also information of the facilities of choosing Facebook as your way of announcement.

5. Did you find anything surprising/especially interesting?

This page itself, even it is used for others to advertise, is an advertisement web page, because is trying to make you use it as your way of announcement. One thing that has surprise me is that all though you have to pay for your advertisement (you have two options) you can't choose the place where your announcement will be located, what makes me think twice if I want to use Facebook for it. On the other hand its has lots of positive things to choose it as the "best" way of advertisement. I found especially interesting that you can follow at real time the productiveness of your advertisement and change it if you find it necessary. I also found surprising that they mention you have to pay for your advertisement almost at the start of the instructions while other pages do not mention it until the end or even until you have finished the advertisement, just before you pubish it, but is true that they don't specify the ways of payment or the type of payment you want until "the end".

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