Advertising website_22


1.What is the URL (website address)?

2.Who is the site aimed at?
This new website is aimed at medium-size regional and larger local businesses, not direct customers.

3.What can they do there?
Businesses can alter the ads using licensed images, upload their own logos and images, or alter text such as car financing details or contact info. The system also gives advertisers ,without having to employ an agency, all the help they might need when doing so, by showing average click-through rates of template ads (pattern or model ads). So, they can base their own creations on ads with a proven record of achievements on their performance.
The company also makes media buying possible and ad communication through its system, which is connected to Google, Right Media and Advertisers don't pay to use the ad creation system, but are charged a percentage of the media buy.

4.What type of content does it contain?
It contains all the steps required to create your personalized display add. First you state what kind of business you are (business to business, consumer goods, telecommunications, retail stores and services..), and according to it redirects you to a link where you can find many templates to start editing your own.

5.Did you find anything surprising/especially interesting?
What i found really interesting is the idea of this website. Following certain steps (creating custom display ads, targeting your desired customer, and measuring and managing the results) any business can create their own ads without having to hire an advertising agency. Furthermore, when surfing the web, it was so easy and amusing that i tried to create a few by myself.

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