The URL of .Com Marketing, the advertising company we will analyze, is

This website is aimed at every business willing to acquire advertising services. Never the less, its most important client sectors are B2C Clients, Tourism & Hospitality, Healthcare & Pharma, and B2B Clients.

This company will provide its clients with services that range from the most traditional to the most advanced and high technology advertising with the ultimate aim of improving the client’s business. Some of the company’s services are: Search Engine Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Campaigns, and ROI Tracking (check for the entire list of services).

This website contains several different web pages that describe the company, talk about its clients, lists and explains the company’s services, and displays some examples of its work. In the webpage in charge of describing the company, the reader can find information about the team in charge as well as the latest news of the business and the necessary information to contact .Com Marketing. The “Clients” webpage talks about who uses the services of the company, gives real examples demonstrating how profitable is using their advertising services, and lastly it shows several testimonials of .Com Marketing clients stressing how useful the company’s services has been for their businesses. On the services tab, the internet user will find a complete list of the company’s services and detailed explanations on how they work. Lastly, the last webpage contains examples of .Com Marketing website designs and email campaigns.

In this webpage I have found interesting the “Press Room”, the company’s clients, and the case studies. The Press Room is a webpage that contains all .Com Marketing awards and triumphs. Moreover, I have found surprising some of the company’s clients which are multi-nationals like McDonalds, Nestle, and Philips. And last of all, I found the case studies very interesting since they give real world examples of the effect of .Com Marketing services in businesses.

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