Banking 0410

What is the URL? —->

Who is it aimed at? —-> Since ING is a unique way of banking in the world, with no offices whatsoever, the website is the only way for costumers to control, create and manage their accounts and portfolios. Also, you could said it is aimed to potential costumers, since you can definitively sense all the publicity they make about themselves…way more than a usual bank.

What can we do there? —-> Basically control everything in our accounts, we even invest in the stocks markets, and even ask for advice to do so.

What type of content does it contain? —->Mainly advertsing and publicity about what they offer, how they work, how to move their account to ING, and other advantages and benefits, but thats the first stage of the website, the only content I can get access to, since I´m not a member of ING. But I suppose it offers basically the same advantages as any other bank.

Did you find anything surprising? —-> what I find surprising is the high yield they offer, based on how they work (fresh Banking) which saves ING a ton of money. Also, how they try to make potential costumers move to their bank. The whole home page is a huge ad but the right corner, wich clearly uncovers the main idea of their website. The offer different ways to convince you, from a calculator that lets you know how much money you would earn with them, to the opinion of different experts. Other than that, what I find most astonishing is how renounce to profits (and brags about it) in order to attract costumers.

Mark = 6

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