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What is the URL?

Who is it aimed at?
This web page is aimed at investors that would like to invest their money in the Forex exchange market in a quicker, easier and cheaper way. They are able to make their own investment decisions as well as be advised by professional managers to those people that may not have the time or the experience to do it themselves. Your Account Service Manager works closely with you over the phone, email and our advanced online chat system, moreover, you may visit your regional office to meet in person.

What does the website offer?
Easy-Forex was one of the first platforms that enabled the users to trade Forex online without the need to download a software program. This allows registered clients to conduct deals, monitor and change their positions at anytime and from anywhere. In this way, online trading cuts out the need for intermediaries, such as banks.

What are the contents like?
The contents in the website are mainly financial or to do with economics. As member of easy Forex, you have access to a high range of trading tools which vary from the latest economic news to currency rate table or financial calendar. Every single tool or service is aimed to serve the investor in the most efficient way.

Is there anything surprising/interesting?
If I had to highlight any aspect of the website I would definitely stand out the high service and support provided by the website. I have never entered before any investment websites, however I didn’t find it really difficult to understand how does the process work due to the accurate instructions and guidelines showing you how to perform deals and control your account. This shows that you don’t have to be an expert in order to have your own account and invest in the Forex Exchange.
Apart from that I must say that I was also surprised by the high technical and personal assistance of the website, which provides a 24 hour support.
Finally, I would like to mention the novelty of sms alerts service by which the user is able to receive vital notifications and free themselves from their computer. They will be able to know what’s happening to their deals and in the market as well as make decisive trading decisions.

Mark = 7

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