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Bnp paribas is a French bank located not only in France but all over the world. The bank has several programs to improve education in schools and universities, encourage governments to invest on renewable resources and has several initiatives related to human rights like gender equality. These programs are financed by Bnp Paribas through a corporation called social responsibility. Finally, the bank sponsors international tennis competitions like the grand slam titles or the master series.

This web page is aim at corporations, investors, private clients and small companies. Investors will have the tools to invest efficiently and secure, having complete control over their investments. Clients can easily move money from one account to another or pay their bills.
In the webpage you can do lots of things, you can search through their web page to know about the bank, what they do, obtain financial and economical information from markets or institutions or simply enter into your private account to track expenses and income.

Basically, the content of the web page is financial and economical although there are things related to politics, giving you information about what a particular country is doing or what a specific leader is saying. For example, France has lower tax rates on the automobile industry or Obama is injecting money to the banks.

What I found interesting is a section called Careers, specifically aimed for students studying a degree in economics or finance. In that section you can enroll in a business game called ace Manager and it’s a simulator where you have to design your rackets which are the products you are going to sell and you will compete with other student from other countries. You work in a team of 3 or 4 students and they give prizes for the winners of the competition. The first price earns 10000€, 2nd 2600€, 3rd 1600€ and for the best five teams, there are tickets to attend tennis tournaments. In addition, there are job offers if you want to work in the bank.

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