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Who it is aimed at?
Credit Suisse website is aimed at both personal and business customers around the world, who seek to invest in a world-leading financial service company, which provides expertise advice to clients in all aspects of finance.
3.what can we do there?
For the client online banking offers many advantages such as having the possibility to be aware of Credit Suisse funds rates, market data, global securities research and private banking research as well as informing the user of their corporate responsibility policy. It also provides data of the current Credit Suisse stock quote both in Suisse franc and dollars,
We can see Credit-Suisse commitment towards the crisis, since we can access credit Suisse publications on the global economic performance.
Credit Suisse is an investment bank and therefore the disadvantages to the customers are minimal given that customers can check the status of its investment without needing to go to the physical offices.
4. What type of content does it contain?
The content can be divided in two main groups : the customers and potential customers. For the customers you have the possibility of accessing a daily information of their accounts as well as the information for non customers which include corporate responsibility, Credit Suisse performance , investment returns, action plan, historical records and above all the different investment packages the bank offers. .
5. Did you find anything interesting?
From my point of view I found very interesting the importance credit Suisse gives to its corporate responsibility, and the fortnightly publications on the performance of the economy. Although the rest of the investment banks offer similar services , I think that it is very useful that users are given the opportunity to check the status of their investment in real time; equally impressive is the fact that the performance of the different stock markets data in the world is a “click” away from the user.

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