Find a website related to banking.

1.What is the URL?

The URL for the website I found related to banking is

2.Who is it aimed at ?

The ING home page goes directed to an ample and differentiated group of investors that prefer a banking organization that works through Internet (fresh banking) .Moreover, it is also aimed at investors that want a customized attention as ING Direct Bank creates investment fund’s for each of their different client profiles attending to the different level of risk and yield and also they adapt the funds to the different client desires of investment.

3.What can they do there?

This page is visited by the bank client’s and also by people that is interested and that want to be informed about the characteristics and services offered by the ING Direct bank. In the case of the clients, they can log in into its account in order to be aware of the supplies, programs, advice given by specialist and the state of their money. In addition to this, clients and the rest of the visitors can find a lot information related to saving, mortgages, and home insurance and if they want to get some extra or more detailed information they can contact the bank through the different phone numbers found in “ Contact Us “. Moreover , as it is a bank that works through the internet it allows people to become clients immediately if they like it and permit clients to make decisions ( getting a mortgage , saving..) immediately too.

4-What type of content does it contains?

First of all, in this page we can get information about the services and product that ING offers, specially related to saving, mortgages and home insurance. Also, we can find a space dedicated exclusively to the ING history, to explanations about why ING is the best option for investment (FAQ´s) .

5. Did you find anything surprising?

What I found very surprising about this URL, is that is very different from the current Bank URL´s . The ING Direct home page is very colourful and is adorned with funny and with children pictures that transmit a sensation of reliability. Also, the way in which the content of the page is expressed makes people feel that the bank has personal attention for each client and that is more “ familiar” than other banks . Moreover, what I also found surprising is the fact that they give us a lot of facilities to contact them, maybe this is because they are a fresh banking bank.

Mark = 5

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