What is the URL?

The URL of the page that I have chosen is

What is it aimed at?

ING DIRECT is the first direct bank in the world and it is leader in the Spanish direct Banking. It belongs to the ING Group, one of the biggest financial entities in the world. It is aimed at people looking for information about their services or actual clients willing to have fast information about the state of their accounts, investments….

What can we do there?

You have all information about ING. It is the best way to know the group, their offers, accounts and also the services it offers. Furthermore, it has a clients private access. This way, clients are able to know all financial information about their accounts and are also able to make movements as transaction, payments…

What type of content does it contain?

Apart from the client access before mentioned, it shows preferently information about their main accounts, and then information about other services, as brokers, investments, mortgages….

Did you find anything surprising?

I found very interesting a part which is calles 'Who are we?'. It shows you the ING Group's course from the inside, news, and most frequently asked quenstions, which are very useful. Moreover, I found surprising that it has more than 22 million clients in the world.

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