What is the URL?

What is it aimed at?

UBS is world´s largest private bank and is one of the leading partners for financial intermediaries, which allows it to offer very efficient services. In Switerland is the market leader in retail and comercial banking.

Whta can we do there?

In here they give you information about all their products and services UBS has all over the world. You can see the market information, get Stock Quote. You can also login in e-banking and do almost everything from their web if you are an individual client from Switzerland or the US, Corporations and Institutions from all the world also have a client portal so they can do everything throught the Internet.

What type of content does it contain?

In the UBS website you can see all their products and services they offer and their global presence. They have reporting, presentations and events, their latest news and all the market information.

Did you find anything surprising?

What I found more interesting and different from other banks websites is that in here you can explore virtual UBS, which shows you diferent areas of UBS with videos. You can meet their graduates, which talk about their own experiences in UBS, explore their business (wealth management, business banking, investment bank…) see their comitments for example the Sponsorship or their golf championship. Or see their latest quarter results. This is a really innovating way to show you what is UBS, and differentiating UBS from other banks.

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