The website of is a website of private banking for Santander bank clients.Santander which is one of the top ten world bank, offer the chance to use their different services trough internet, in other words, to use home bankig.This users can do almost everything, getting information for the nearest office, or being advised to manage their own resources. About the contain I would say its divided in sections like general information about the company, investment solutions, commitment, services and products they offer.
First of all what I find interesting is how they protect their clients personal data by using some measures as firewall, SSL & HTTPS,automatic disconnection. But what I find absolutely special is their managment approach technique. They divide the investment procees in 4 stages or phases: a) definition of the investment profile and objectives by studing every client individually( liquidity, risk are willing to take…). b) definition of invesment strategy, where the decission of where to allocate your assets will be choosen by expert comitee. c) execution within a wide range of financial products, d) control of the investment by seeking that objectives are being achieved.
I find it special becuase this allows the client to don’t worried to much about his invesment becuase it is suposed that the bank knows exactly his needs and requirements based on the personaly study they made.

Mark = 7

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