1. What is the URL?

2. Who is it aimed at?
This website is aimed at a large range of customers such as companies, international clients as well as to anyone willing to find information about banking with Barclays.

3. What can they do there?
They offer an International Transfers Service, which allows customers of Barclays in the United Kingdom to transfer money from their British account to their account with Barclays in Spain free of charge.

4. What type of content does it contain?
One can find all the information for contacting with the bank as well as a system where customers can log in to the website and make transferences as well as ask for credits and many other financial deals. One can also do operations by phone, being it cheaper and quicker.

5. Did you find anything interesting?
I thought the website in general was very well structured and one could find things very easily. I also thought being able to switch languages and text size was really useful. In addition, after researching the website I found that they assigned personal advisors for assessment on your operations as soon as you become a customer of Barclays. Furthermore, they provide a remarkable 24h contact service for any type of advice.

Mark = 5

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