BBVA is one of the most important banks in Spain. His website is
It is aimed at both, clients and people who are thinking about becoming part of BBVA’s clients. In his website BBVA gives the opportunity to use their different services through internet, to use "home banking", this is the possibility to check your account, invest in deposits, stock market… Moreover, new clients can learn many things about BBVA such as their mortgages, deposits…which encourages them to create an account in this bank but also increase the fidelity with his clients letting them Know the last achievements of the company, the placement of their offices or even though the possibility to contact with a BBVA advisor.
What I found interesting is the many facilities BBVA gives to young people "blueBBVA" not just for having a free credit/debt card and account without commisions but specially the facilities they give to your mortgage being able to adapt it to your life.
BBVA has also introduced to his clients the "Token plus" a series of random numbers wich work as a second signature impossible to copy. What I also found interesting was the power BBVA had to change the name of the football leage now known as "Liga BBVA".

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