What is the URL?

The URL of the website I have chosen is .

Who is it aimed at?

It is aimed at both, clients and people who are thinking about becoming bankinter’s clients.

What can they do there?

In this website clients can check their accounts, be informed about bankinter’s news, hire cell-phone operations, etc. Moreover, new clients can learn many things about bankinter which encourages them to create an account in this bank.

What type of content does it contain?

It contains all type of information concerning bankinter, i.e. advantages from belonging to the group “bankinter”, operations you can do online and at their offices, bankinter’s recent achievements and so on.

Did you find anything surprising/especially interesting?

I actually was surprised of how computerized all banking activities are. It is very difficult to achieve that clients trust any bank to monitor their operations online, and I believe bankinter is doing a great work, according to what can be seen at their webpage. Not only can you do anything through the webpage, but they have joined an option to control all your transactions through your mobile phone, too. What is more, they have created a video conference service which helps you to search their website, offers you personal advice on your accounts etc.
I also found very interesting the way they present the “main page”. If you have a first look at the page you can see three main things:
Firstly, the news about their recent award for asset management. Secondly, a free laptop for creating an account at bankinter. Last but not least, they will pay you half of your internet bill if you hire the “Bankinter internet 3G” option.
I also found very interesting the section of “the comparisor”, where you can compare online other bank’s interest rates, mortgages, online broker’s prices and so on.

Mark = 8

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