What is the URL?

What is it aimed at?

This web-side is aimed to all kind of people from clients to do home banking or obtain information, and to other people who want to obtain information about this bank and might want to become clients in the future. It is aimed to people of all ages from students to business managers.

What can we do there?

You can obtain all kind of information about it services and the institution, on the other hand you can nearly do everything online from locking at your accounts and it movements to investment banking.

What type of content does it contain?

It has all kind of information from general information about the institution to all kind of economic and financial information.

Did you find anything surprising?

I didn’t find anything especially surprising in this URL but I’ve chosen it because its one of the most important Spanish banks and I work with it.

What I like very much about this bank is how it works with students and young people, with current accounts and debit cards, everything is very easy and you can nearly manage everything with home banking.
It offers very good conditions to students and they even have a link between the university card and your cash card to give you as much facilities as the can.

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