What is the URL?

What is it aimed at?

Ing is a unique bank in the world, as it is the only one without physical offices at disposal of its clients. Therefore, the only way to work with your accounts in Ing is through home banking. Everything you want to do with your money must be through its web page.

What can we do there?

As I said we could do everything we want with our money, since creating a current account or a deposit to hire a personal broker for our investment plans. It is basically like a current bank office but 24 hours a day open, always without queue and a personal treatment.

What type of content does it contain?

In Ing web page you will find information about its financial products, how they work, what will be your advantages joining Ing, and of course all the information a current client will need about its account.

Did you find anything surprising?

I think that everything in Ing web page is surprising, is so innovative the idea of Fresh Bankin (no offices) that you will be shock since the first moment.

Its astonishing the structure of the web, since they must convince clients to give their money to an Internet bank. Therefore they have developed a lot of programs that allow everybody to make its own financial plan in the easiest way, with lots of colors and pictures.

It is also surprising, that the generalized concept of banks is a place where everything you try know is very difficult to understand. However in Ing, the financial products are very clearly explained, as nobody is there to explain. First you choose what you want (current accounts, deposits, broker advise) and after Ing explains the different options they offer with a lot of examples and trials of the possible investment result.

An innovative way to make banking through which both, enterprise and clients get benefits. Ing reduces its costs, as it doesn’t have offices, and the client’s benefits of higher yields for their deposits.

Mark = 8

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