What is the URL?

Who is it aimed at?

This website is aimed at individual investors, who seek to invest in a more dynamic way. The website allows these investors to make their own decisions and to take full responsibility for them. Investors will only be able to invest in FOREX and in commodities. Therefore, it’s aimed at those who are not willing to invest in the equities market.

What does the website offer?

X Trade Brokers offers the investor access to OTC derivatives financial markets. Once the platform is downloaded from the webpage, you will be able to trade with different currencies and commodities. You can help yourself with different analytical tools and financial news that are built into the platform. If you are a beginner, the webpage offers free tutorials, where they show you how to handle the platform as well as how to use certain analytical tools.

What are the contents like?

Most of the contents are financial. In the home page, the investor can skim through the daily news, or read several market analyses that are updated every day. In addition, the investor may see at what price each currency or commodity is being traded in real time. The platform may be personalized to the investor’s preferences. Most of the news that are posted in this website are related to macroeconomics.

Is there anything surprising/interesting?

I found about this website in a television advertisement. Out of curiosity, I looked it up in internet. At first sight, it was all very unfamiliar. It took me a while to get familiarized with the webpage and all its tools. What impressed me most about this website is the 24-hour assistance it has for its clients. When I had trouble setting up my platform, I called the phone number on their webpage, and they solved all my problems. In addition, this website gives you the opportunity to invest even though you are just a beginner. Like I said before, it offers the investor plenty of tutorials in which you not only learn about their platforms, but also how to use certain analytical tools. They guide you from the beginning to the end on how to perform certain actions in the FOREX market. I’ve used other platforms to invest, but this one, overall, is the best. Why? Mainly because of its personal assistance. Each week they send you emails where they analyze for you the worst and best currencies of the week. Furthermore, they offer you seminars in Madrid, where an expert teaches you certain techniques that are useful when investing. In the platform, you can perform actions in real time. There is no need to go through the inconvenience of going to a bank, buying the currency or commodity you want, and then having to pay commissions for it. This platform charges the investor zero percent for each trading activity. This allows you to buy with very short-run expectancy. The platform you download to invest in Forex and commodities can be used to acquire experience in investing without actually risking real money. It also allows you to take it a step further and actually put your money on the trading actions you perform.

Mark = 8

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