1. What is the URL?

2.Who is it aimed at?

Banca March is a Spanish bank aimed at offering the best services to its clients and attracting potential clients. It offers both private and personal banking, although it mainly focuses on private banking, managing the assets of their clients and giving advice to them.

3. What can they do there?

On the webpage every service is explained with all kind of detail. The webpage is structured in two differentiated areas, personal and private banking.
On personal banking, we can find a big variety of services, from all kind of deposits to tax payment, two tax guides, information about different investments, etc.
On private banking, they offer many different possible investment to approach the diversified needs of their customers, such as SICAV, deposits or investment funds. It also explains the current situation of the main markets in order to inform the clients.
It also gives you the choice of doing on-line banking and being an on.line broker(which is not very common)

4. What type of content does it contain?

On the webpage you can find the latest news related with Banca March,share prices and a description of the main products and services they offer, such as mortgages and loans, insurances, a wide range of debit and credit cards, etc. There is also a paragraph which explains they way to work with them, in order to attract employees.

5. Did you find anything surprising?

I have chosen Banca March because I found some interesting details. As they mention in their webpage, their main preference are clients. This is shown in the differences services they offer to their clients according to their age, dividing the target market in March Classic, March Joven and March Peques.
I also found interesting the choice of being an on-line broker. I had seen in different webpages the posibility of doing on-line banking, but I had not seen many any bank offering this service.
Basically, I was impressed by the wide variety of products and services that Banca March offers to their clients.

Mark = 5

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