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This company aims it’s website at the two groups the company recognizes: personal and business. Abbey is able to efficiently coupe with these two vast categories by creating, in its main website, links to two web pages created specifically for the groups.

In this website, Abbey’s clients have different options they can choose from depending on what group they are classified in. In the “personal” group, this company’s clients may deal with their bank accounts through Internet, and may also ask for credit cards that offer great deals to help you save money. In this section, clients can acquire completely customized insurances that will help them protect everything they desire. Furthermore, this webpage offers information about loans and mortgages the company offers with a great deal of information to help you make the best decision. The last section contained inside the Personal group, is a section that focuses on how to make the client save more money and invest safely. The second mayor group dedicated to small, medium and large businesses is named “Business”. This group contains information about Abbey’s business services such as overdrafts, mortgages and insurances, and wide descriptions about the company’s interesting offers. Moreover, this section offers what the company calls eBanking, which lets businesses control their bank accounts though a section in their webpage. The Business section also helps the clients with their business and gives them tips to help them succeed.

The Abbey website divides its content in the groups: Personal and Business. The content of this webpage changes depending on what group you choose. The personal group, which is the main page, is presented with the colors of the bank and with flash projections showing the customer some of the bank’s offers. The Personal section is divided into tabs named Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, Insurance, Loans, Mortgages, Savings and Investments, How Do I?, and Online Banking. These sections help Abbey’s client rapidly find what they need with only a quick look. Abbey’s Business section on the other hand, more serious and more persuasive. Its offers are aggressive and try to attract clients with surprising offers. In this section we can find Our Business Bank Account, Our Business Services, Understanding your business, Business News, and Your Personal Finance.

The website is very interesting due to its facilities and special offers. I have found amazing the services this bank gives to its clients to do things like invest or acquire loans online. Abbey is able to customize online delicate and advice requiring aspects like loans which can affect your future. The other thing that I would highlight is the on-line called “green loan”, by obtaining this 8,9% APR loan they’ll plant five broad leaf trees. It is incredible that even such businesses as banks are able to offer environmentally-friendly services in order to gain more customers and be more competitive.

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