The website is BBVA is a very important private bank in Spain which offers services to their clients not only in the own banks but also by internet, this is home banking, you can make any consultant anywhere using via internet. This page is aimed to all clients that have money in this bank, where they can get any information of the company, advises of how to invest money, mortgages, deposits, consult all the extracts they had done and many others things. Referring to the content i think it is very good organized as is divided in differents section depending the type of clients, for example young people, investors, foreigners, companies, etc. ,where you click and it appears a lot of information.
What I find very interesting is how informed they have to their clients putting articles, advises and also how BBVA stock exchange is nowadays comparing it whit others companies, as it put BBVA is in a very good position behind Santander bank. Another I think is surprising is the BBVA mobile, clients can receive a message with the balance of their account, quantity of the payment they had done with the credit cash and also they can recharge they mobile phone sending a message.

Mark = 5

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