BBVA NET (I’m a user, so the webpage I’m actually talking about is when you log on.)
This website is for the exclusive use of BBVA clients. They log on typing their credit card number and password. They are able to see all their recent transactions, loans and debts, insurances and current accounts. In other words, there is nothing they cannot do on this website that they could if they went to the bank. Users have access to everything.

What I found the most surprising was one of the things users are able to do on this website. There is a section for brokerage called BBVA BOLSA BROKER. It’s an operational service of the markets by which users can obtain information of national and international assets and check all kinds of information related to those markets. The most interesting part is that one can buy and sell stock through this website, with a minimum fee, and check the state of its current price. It gives you detailed information and a very well done stock analysis with its high and low points of the IBEX 35 and the main stock exchanges of the world. From your computer and with the requirement of having an account in BBVA, you can get information about the markets and then act as a broker yourself.

Mark = 7

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