The URL of ING DIRECT, the banking website we will analyze, is

This website is aimed at every person who is willing to save some money without giving up the services of an important bank. ING DIRECT is a bank where clients with a low or high income will benefit from a great variety of services with a reduced cost.

ING DIRECT provides its clients with a large variety of services through Internet at a low price. This bank provides a service they call Electric Orange, it consists of an account that records information by media and at the same time pays an important interest rate. Another service this bank provides is the so-called Orange Savings Account, which consists of a bank account with no fees or minimums but with an important rate. In addition to this, another service offered is the Orange Mortgage, a simple mortgage with no troubles and with the benefit of having low closing costs and at the same time, being cheap. Lastly, a new service added recently is the ShareBuilder, a program that will allow the user to invest easily and cheaply.

This website easily displays the services with a brief but catchy description, gives the user access to their bank account, lets customers open a new one if they are interested, and gives internet users the opportunity to learn more about the company. In a first glimpse, the company catches the attention of the customer with the words: Save Your Money. This motto the company uses serves as introduction to the three services the company displays: the Sharebuilder, the Orange Mortgage, and the Retire MyWay. These services then include a brief description that highlights the benefits the company offers its clients. Moreover, the website then includes on its left side, three web pages: View my account, Open an account, and Learn more. The “View my account” webpage lets the client sign in and view his account as well as giving him the ability to contract any of the services described above. Furthermore, the “Open an account” webpage takes the customer to a variety of different accounts from where he is able to choose the one that best suits him. The last webpage displayed is the “Learn more” webpage, its designed to present the company’s products and rates at a quick look.

In have found interesting both the website’s distribution and the banks offers. The ING DIRECT home website is incredibly simple and at the same time efficient. This home website catches the Internet user’s attention rapidly due to its clear distribution. Its distribution makes the visitors notice its powerful motto and its beneficial offers with only a quick look. It does not only have the faculty to attract new customers, but it also has the ability to make its clients get more involved with amazingly good services free of charge. Another thing I found interesting was the low rates and costs they offer. This bank explains that due to the lack of, “overhead and high operational costs” they are able to offer their customers a better and cheaper service. Another interesting fact is the large number of customers ING DIRECT has, about 21 million. I find this surprising since this bank is only accessible to people through the Internet or via phone thus, it surprises me how people are starting to trust and therefore integrate the Internet into their daily lives.

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