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It is aimed at clients, both individuals and families as well as small and midsized businesses. Moreover, it is directed to anyone interested in its social work or cultural events.

In this website, clients can do several things due to the fact that there are loads of various contents. If you are an individual you can check up your current account and do some banking transactions (home banking), get some advice on where and how to invest, know the best offers in deposits, receive some information about your pension plan, ask for loans and mortgages, have access to auction sales and so on. If it is a business entity it can also do home banking, be aware of the best ways of financing its enterprise and ask for business advice. If you are interested in cultural events or in Caja Madrid social work, you can get some information about the different branches of its social work (scholarships, “Carnet Joven”, tickets, competitions…), about the different events that take place at “La Casa Encendida” and about Caja Madrid foundation. In addition, a tag searcher is available.

Finally, I would like to point out some of the things that I found rather interesting in this website since they differentiate this bank from others. Firstly, and due to my interest in dealing with shares, I found the tools that they offer quite outstanding: Caja Madrid provides both technical and fundamental analysis, updated financial data of plenty of stocks and indices, a trading simulator, fiscal and financial information of lots of enterprises, trading guides, graphs, investing advice… Secondly, I found the segmentation of the market that Caja Madrid has developed quite interesting since they offer loads of discounts in a wide range of products and services for only €6. It is known as “Carnet Joven” and it is aimed at people under 26. Nevertheless, a new branch meant for people above 26 is being created: CMCOOL. Finally, adults and old people can choose and design their own pension plan. Furthermore, I found the efforts of Caja Madrid aimed at helping and encouraging youths to pursue excellence through scholarships, competitions, exhibitions and so on quite laudable. I finally want to say that I am very pleased with this issue, because I have just won a scholarship for doing some practices in London. As a consequence of all that I have stated before, I think that Caja Madrid is far more than a bank; it is a social institution. Their main aim is not making any profit; it is making Madrid, Spain, the World, a better place.

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