1. What is the URL?
The URL is

2. Who is it aimed at?
The site is aimed to everyone that is interested in accessing its bank computer system from home, the office or even while travelling.

3. What can they do there?
For the customer, online banking offers a number of advantages such as being able to obtain current account balances, pay bills or to have easy access to current interest rates. But online banking also offers the convenience of seeing which checks have cleared or the convenience of transferring funds from one account to another and simplified loan application procedures. If we add this tp what was said above, this seems to be a very comfortable way of banking. But online banking also has a large disadvantage, which is, not being able to discuss financial matters with their "personal banker".
Non customers may get information about new offers but this isnt very helpful as they can usually only visit the home page of the bank.

4. What type of content does it contain?
As said before the online banking site offers all the necessary information about the customers´account and offers the opportunity to operate from whereever the customer is.

5. Did you find anything interesting?
Yes in fact I did find a few things that I found interesting. This website is not a common banking website where only customers can go further than the home page. Here you have plenty of choice about banking, insurance and investment information, which is accessible without necessarily having to be a customer. The page also shows a small panel where the values of the stock markets are shown. Something that appears to be very helpful is the ATM locator which is situated at the upper left corner of the site. The visitor of the page must only introduce the city, the state and the zip code where he needs an ATM and the page will tell him where he/she can find it.

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