What is the URL?

Who is it aimed at?
Santander Group is a universal bank which do business in cooperate, retail and private banking throw one of the largest branch network in the world. So basically we can say that Santander aims every kind of costumers, from very wealthy individuals to large multinationals all around the world.

What can they do there?
Santander business model is based on five pillars:
1. Commercial banking through the a large branch banking network
2. Geographic diversification
3. Very strict risk policy
4. Latest technology
5. Best management team

What type of content does it contain?
The web page has any type of information addressed to customers and shareholders. It contains description of business, products, organization and very detailed financial information.

Did you find anything surprising especially interesting?
The first thing that has surprised me about this bank is the fast expansion that has taken place in only 20 years, since Emilio Botin became chairman of the bank. Some new things that he introduced were “the super cuenta” it was the first bank that remunerates deposits; he continued the international expansion started by his father acquiring a bank in Germany (CC Bank), and others in Latin America, US and Europe, achieving one of his main goals which was the geographic diversification.
From the beginning Santander has focus on risk control using sophisticated programs that has allowed them to be in a better situation when things do not come as good, as we can see nowadays.

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