Born in the late 30´s Ram Charan was raised in a small Indian town, he became in contact with Business while ha was working in his family shoe shop. After earning a degree in engineering he took a job in Australia and later in Hawaii.
When he discovered his talent for business he earned doctorate degrees from Harvard Business School when later served as a doctor.

He is known for providing advice to very important companies such as Verizon, Bank of America and Thomson Corporation, and he is also identified by Fortune as a leading expert in corporate governance, and he is a teacher and has won several awards.

Over the last decade, Dr. Charan has written many books such as “The discipline of getting things done and confronting reality”(Best Seller), “What the CEO wants to know”…
Dr, Charan has also served on the Blue Ribbon Commission on Corporate Governance and was elected a Fellow of the national academy of Human Resources.


The CEO of Dupond reacted to the crisis by cutting back on the over 20,000 outside contractor company had hired and by making every employee reduce costs.

“The Corporate Crisis Plan” designed by Holliday brought together the 17 standing teams, 8 of these teams stood down and the rest worked together to solve the problem.
They decided to make every employee reduce costs each one of them had a meeting with a manager to explain them what they needed to do; This had a good result but it was taking too long.

The second action Holliday took was spending one hour with each of the 14 company’s top leaders, each of them made a list with things that could be improved, but Holliday considered it was taking too long as well.

After this he came up with the solution of cutting as much as possible to save the most cash. This was possible because a contractor could be released with one week’s notice and without any severance costs.
Now, Holliday is predicting that the inflationary trends that preceded the financial meltdown will reassert themselves. However, if that happens DuPont will be ready for it.

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