Ram Charan is a very famous business advisor and speaker who the ability of helping executives with business problems (providing help to companies such as KLM, Bank of America, Verizon, etc).Mr. Charan was born in India, where he was raised, and came in touch with the business world really soon through it’s family shoe shop. However some years later he began to study in Harvard where he graduated with high distinction (also serving in harvard shortly after). He has enabled people to improve their business manners and way of solving problems by publishing several books such as The Discipline of Getting Things Done and Confronting Reality or What the CEO Wants You to Know and also by teaching many CEO's.

In Ram Charam’s sample of the book LEADERSHIP IN THE ERA OF ECONOMIC UNCERTAINTY Dr.Charam takes the CEO of DuPont(Chad Holliday) as an example of how a good leader should be. In this introduction of his book Charam shows us how Holliday took measures immediately after visiting a Japanese customer, whom told him that he was worried because of it's cash position. Instead of not doing anything or just panicking, he implemented the corporate crisis plan used in cases such as in 9/11.He told DuPont managers to inform their employees about what was happening and studied their reactions, and also created a team to make long-term decisions and to reduce costs. Therefore he shows us that Holliday acted in the best way a leader should: Taking measures and decisions.

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