1.Ram´s Charan Biography

Ram Charan was born in Ramcharan in 1939 in Uttar Pradesh (India). He is a business advisor, speaker and has written numerous books , some of them bestsellers.
His first contact with business has its origins in the family shoe shop where he worked during its childhood . He obtained a degree in engineering from Banaras Hindu University (India) . Later he studied in the school of businesses of Harvard where he obtained a MBA and a doctorate and where he served as a university professor.
Charan has consulted for many important companies such as Verizon, Novartis and Dupont among others. Dr. Charan is well known for providing realistic advices that consider the real-world complexities of Business.( "singles and doubles; "growth budget") That is why Boards, CEOs, and senior-most human resource executives often seek his advice on talent planning and key hires.
Moreover , Dr. Charan has been known through his in-house executive education programs reason for why he has won the Bell Ringer award at GE's famous Crotonville Institute and best teacher award at Northwestern.
In addition to this , Ram Charan´s books have sold more than 2 million copies in the past five years. Some of his bestsellers are “The Discipline of Getting Things Done and Confronting Reality”, “What the CEO Wants You to Know”, “Boards at Work”,” Every Business Is a Growth Business”,” Profitable Groth”, and “Boards That Deliver.”
Finally, it is important to remark that Dr. Charan has served on the Blue Ribbon Commission on Corporate Governance and was elected a Distinguished Fellow of the National Academy of Human Resources. He is on the board of Austin Industries and Tyco Electronics. Dr. Charan is based in Dallas, TX.


This excerpt of the book “Leadership in the era of economic uncertainty” by Ram Charan explains how the CEO of DuPont reacted to the current economic crisis. Chad Holliday , DuPont CEO´s get aware of the crisis while he was in Japan visiting one of its major customer. When he returned to the U.S he immediately summoned a meeting with his top company leaders .During the following weeks the crisis reach the dimension of a global crisis affecting DuPont in the national environment and abroad. Was evident how serious the problems were becoming so it was time to take measures .After implementing the emergency plan , Holliday spoke to each employee so that they knew the situation of the company and their role in the plan to face the crisis.Moreover , Holliday was concern about the company´s cash position and decided to reduce cost in many fields. This measures where for shot and medium run. To conclude , every CEo should do what Holliday Chad did , realise and accept that the crisis was going to affect his company and in spite of it taking extreme actions.

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