Ram Charan is one of the most prestigious business consultants as he has already worked with many matured firms and successful CEO’s. He is a dedicated man to help solve business problems.

DuPont CEO Chad Holliday first noticed the sign of Economic Crisis when he was visiting one of his customers in Japan. He then quickly decided to developed a strong and consistent contingency plan to palliate with what was called “Cooperate Crisis”. Holliday decided to take several measurements so that DuPont was least harmed by this new threat. One key point was to communicate with the employees to determine the level of understanding of each one, and how they could react to save and help the company; he also wanted to know how involved they really wanted to be with the plan. Holliday wanted to implement quick and persistent plans and decisions, as he was quickly meeting with top leaders and financial chiefs. After cutting many costs the most remarkable solution the counteract with the crisis was to eradicate with the contractors and shifting it among employees on the firm.
Even though they may need to do much more to finally end up with this process, they are really satisfied with the results achieved. This is a clear example of companies that have been affected by the crisis, but really been helped by having a great leader who is able to take decisions.

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