Ram Charan is one of the most acknowledged business advisors nowadays. Having worked with some of the most prestigious companies like Dell, Bank of America etc, as well as some top CEO’s in the world makes Charan a wise man, whose passion is to solve business problems.

When the sound of crisis arrived to DuPont, its CEO Chad Holliday had it all clear. There had to be done something drastic and quickly. Holliday decided to have several meetings to determine an appropriate way of approaching the “Cooperate Crisis”. His first concern was to clearly communicate through subordinates, how each worker could help fight this new scenario and whether they understood the roots of this problem. All kind of measurements to cut inside costs were applied, consultants and contractors were eliminated and travel restricted.
Holliday constantly called meetings with managers and with company top leaders to ensure they were trying to cope with the crisis. However, managers were presenting solutions to be implemented in mid to long-term basis, whereas Holliday’s main concern was solving it as rapidly as possible, and implementing things consistently. Nonetheless the quickest way to decrease expenditure was to eliminate contractors and shift the work of former contractors within employees.
Even if the are not nearly half way over the tunnel, with all this consistent work leaded by Holliday, DuPont is clearly able to see a clear end to this “Cooperate Crisis”

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