1. Ram Charan’s biography

Ram Charan is a famous business person who was born in India (1939). He is famous for his ability to solve important business issues. He has developed this ability during his life, starting by working in the family shoe shop. Some years later, he got a degree in an Indian university and started to work, in Australia and Hawaii. His ability was higly recognized when he graduated with distinction in Harvard Business School, where he worked too.
He has worked with the most prestigious companies, such as Bank of America, KLM, GE…
Nowadays, his prestige as business advisor and teacher is very important. This prestige has been recognized with the Bell Ringer award at GE's Crotonville Institute and with the election as the best teacher at Northwestern. He was also elected as Distinguished Fellow of the National Academy of Human Resources. With all this awards, it is easy to undestand why so many people (around 2 million) buy his books, such as What the CEO Wants You to Know.

2. Summary

This page of the book “Leadership in the era of economic uncertainty” explains how Chad Holliday, (CEO of DuPont) is facing the current economic crisis. Holliday realized the importance of this crisis when he travelled to Japan, where one of his customers told him that he was really worried about his financial position. This customer was focusing on different ways of cutting costs.
When Holiday came back to America, he met his partners and tried to realize the importance of this situation. As DuPont situation was getting worse, he started to make different measures. He knew that by implementing the "Corporate Crisis", fear will appear among employees, but due to the size of the problem, he decided to implement it. He realized that it was very important that every employee knew about the real financial situation, so he made sure that everyone knew the situation and what they were expected to do. He met his CEO and CFO, and they came to the conclusion that many measures were going to be implemented in the medium run, but they needed them now. He realized that the most effective way of reducing costs was to cut back over 20 000 contractors outside the company, and did it in 6 weeks.
In conclusion, this sample of the book shows as that Holliday, under this difficult situation, works in giving solutions to the problem in the less time possible.

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