Ram Charan has won his fame among the business world through his unique capacity to advise, solve difficult business problems and speak, as well as his developed experienced and cooperation with several successful companies.

Charan’s first vocation was engineering but his taste shortly switched to the business area, Ram earned MBA and graduated in Harvard Business School, where his talent started to be more than recognised. After earning his doctorate degree he worked in that same university.
Charan became famous for providing a wide and useful range of advises, from those general ones regarding how to get profits to those on talent planning.
Ram Charan´s ability to teach and transmit knowledge as well as to write has also entitled him as the best teacher at Northwestern or as the author of two important bestsellers: “Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done” and “Confronting Reality”.

At last, it is important to highlight that Charan has been part of the Blue Ribbon Commission on Corporate Governance and actually he is on the board of Austin Industries and Tyco Electronics.


The excerpt of the book “LEADERSHIP IN THE ERA OF ECONOMIC UNCERTAINTY” talks about how Chad Holliday, DuPont´s CEO faces an unpredicted and difficult crisis. Ram Charan explains the steps that Chad had to follow if he wanted to save the business. First, he organizes a meeting with his top leaders to analyse the situation, second different teams were brought together to find suitable solutions and every single employee was ask on methods to keep profits and reduce costs. Finally the different solutions were put into action.
Ram Charon shows how a leader has to behave if dealing with such a situation.

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