Ram Charan

Ram Charan was born in India in 1939 and is at the present time, an important business advisor who helps businesses improve by solving their problems and as a result, making them grow healthy and strong. Born from a poor family, Dr. Charam was able to study engineering and pursue his talent for business. After studying in Harvard Business School and receiving his doctorate degree, he became known for his realistic views and good ideas about the complex business world. Due to his inborn ability for business, he became one of the world’s best CEOs, won many awards, and became an important point of reference for boards, CEOs and senior executives. Recently, Dr. Charam has written articles and books like, Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done, has been awarded as member of the Distinguished Fellow of the National Academy of Human Resources, and is now a board member of Austin Industries and Tyco Electronics.

Leadership In The Era Of Economic Uncertainty

Chad Holliday rapidly reacted against the imminent economic crisis by informing all the business about the problem and making them find solutions to avoid its effects as much as possible. Holliday firstly informed the top leaders in his company about the crises. As Holliday saw the crises getting closer and closer, he was obliged to call out the Corporate Crisis plan, which mobilized all Dupont’s senior managers to elaborate some safety procedures in case of a disaster. This plan rapidly put together 17 standing teams to study the problem and work for an answer. Hollyday later decided to inform its employees about the situation and make them work to avoid the situation.

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