1. Ram Charan was born in a small Indian town in 1939, his first experience with business was working in his family shoe shop. After earning engineering degree in India he decided to go to Australia and Hawaii where his business talent was dicovered. Later on, he went to Harvard to study and afterwards worked as a teacher, there he graduated with high distinction and was a Baker scholar.

Dr. Charan is well known for providing advice to the toughest business problems, solving them in a very distinct way, because he took into acount the complexities of modern companies. With all this capacity Dr. Charan during his life ended working in a lot of very successful companies such as Bank of America, Thomson Corporation, Honeywell, KLM …

With all this past, it is normal the huge amount of books that he has sold all over the past 5 years (more than 2 million copies) . Not happy with this he has also written numerous articles for important newspapers. Dr. Charan has been commemorated in many occasions for all his work, being recognized as one of the most important business advisors in history.


This is a book written by Dr. Charan in which in the introduction it explains how to survive the economic crisis, and it does so by using as an example the DuPont CEO Chad Holliday. Everything started when Holliday went to Japan and a CEO of a Japanese company worried him about the company´s cash position. When he came back from Japan to the United States he decided to meet immediately with the top six leaders of his company, and they said that the situation was grim. They also said that it wasn´t only a crisis of confidence in Wall Steet, also that this could also spreed to a global economic crisis.

So it was time to take action. Seventeen teams worked together for four day to see what they could do. One of the measures was that every employee in DuPont had to have a face-to-face meeting with a manager to know exactly what he had to do, and to ask them what they could do to maintain cash and reduce cost. At the beginning Holliday thought that everyone had understood, but then he felt that people did not grasp the urgency of the action. This is the reason why CEO, CFO and Holliday decided to meet the company´s top 14 leaders because they needed to maintain cash immediately so they decided to cut back over 20 000 contractors outside the company. The whole precess reaction took less than six weeks. The important thing that Holiday did was acting in a very fast and efficient way, and this is the way that every leader should had acted.

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