The URL (website address) is http://www.nike.com/nikeos/p/nike/language_select/ or even you can put www.nike.com. Nike is a sports brand were you can find clothing, hats, bags, etc.

The site is aimed essentially to those people who practice sports but also to people who don’t and want to wear comfortable clothes.

Firstly when you enter to the website the customer must choose a language and then you have differents departments like basketball, golf, women, etc, were you can click and it appears all things they offer to each department. When you click for example in basketball you have the option of seeing their products, the actual basketball news, spots, etc. Nike´s site contains only things related to sports.

Customers can buy online without going to the store, it’s a very quick method and you have the product or products you order in a few days at home. In the site customers can also seek where are Nike’s stores all around the world.

What I find especially interesting is that you can create your own shoes to your liking, I thing this is a very good idea because not all the people have the same tastes.

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