1. The URL is http://www.bmw.com/com/en/index.html .

2.This website is aimed to people with high spending power as bmw´s prices are generally more expensive than other range of cars. BMW´S products try to satisfy their client´s needs according to its age and its tastes. (E.g : young people will be willing to buy a serie 1 rather than buying a serie 7 or a X5).

3. In this site you can create your own and individual bmw that satisfies your individual needs , online shopping ( accesories), search for information about new products and equipments,arrange a test drive, download information about your fuel consumption( they hepl you to save money).

4. The content found in this website is basically information based on the bmw corporation.( services , shop , technology innovations applied to their products(cars))

5.What I found the most surprising is the fact that in the website they give a special and individual service to all their clients.

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