Homework 1
**Advertising (Unit 11)

Contrapunto is a creative agency founded in 1974, which basic aim is to offer a global communication through its work.

In their site we can found its history, the different advertising campaigns design since 1998, and something really surprising such as its compromise with the society.

Once we enter in the web, we can go through the different links that allows us getting immerse in the advertising world. The main content of the web site are the videos of the commercials done over the last decade for television, Internet and graphics.

The most interesting thing might be the videos done as social commitment for International Amnesty for example.


Chi and Partners can be define as a young advertising agency that with a career of only 7 years, have made an incredible work worldwide, and giving a new dimension to the advertising sector through MCHI.
MCHI is a new concept of advertising agency, auto defined as a full-service agency that joints together for the client experts from digital, direct, advertising, design and communications planning.

In their website we can found almost everything about them, their work, their people, their latest news and even their clients.

Once we enter in the web site we have a huge amount of things to see and go through, the choice is ours.
If you are interested in the different commercials made for each client you can go to work campaigns link. However if your interest is focused on the latest news of the agency you just have to go over news. And if you would like to know more about the team, come and have a look to people and you will get a good surprise.

Nevertheless if I have to stay with something of the web over the rest, I really keep the site of big ideas. I have never seen such a great own advertising campaign, is so good that I think that many enterprises such learn from it.

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