1. What is the URL (website address)


2. Who is the site aimed at?

This website is aimed to anyone who is interested in advertising and marketing. It informs about advertising and marketing news, but also offers the possibility to view the ads and get tips about marketing and advertising.

3. What can they do there?

Those who enter the page get the possibility to create themselves a profile where you can get more information about specific advertisings or information related to firms. You can look for whatever you need about advertising such as an analysis of any advertisement

4. What type of content does it contain?

The website provides a variety of information related to the advertising industry and online advertising in particular. There are various articles from trade publications as well as links to advertising agencies and samples of advertising.

5. Did you find anything surprising/especially interesting?

Yes I did. What I found were the AdAgeĀ“s podcasts, which are audio shows that may be useful if you are looking for some new ideas or even if you just want to be aware of the latest marketing trends and news.

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