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The article “losing face” from the Economist (2008. Nov 6th) express the importance of being aware of the harm and of how dangerous can become potential tools, usually viewed as an advantage in spreading advertisement ,such as MySpace,Facebook and Twitter.
As an example, some airline companies (British Airways and Virgin Atlantic) had recently being affected by the publication online on forums of undesirable comments, which had definitely damage the image of the company due to they arrive from an endogenous source: their crew and unhappy fired employees which uses words causing “a public-relations disaster”.
This episode raises the matter of the ineffectiveness of the companies on their intention of educate their staff according to the company philosophy of treatments and to the image that the company has built, furthermore BA sign with their employees a policy that forbids them to post anything not-authorized; as well as in the internal channels created with the aim of being used by workers to express and liberate their frustrations.
As various RP firms state, this problems must help to learn, understand and be conscious of the power of information brought online everyday which can be seen by everyone if no prevent or control is done

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