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The article "Losing Face " from The Economist print edition ( Nov. 6th 2008 ) says that even though many firms have been using social networks (e.g Facebook and MySpace) because of its useful marketing tools in order to get their messages to a broader audience , this method can also be a way to damage the image of a company .It is the case of the the British Airways( BA) and Virgin Atlantic airlines companies.
During the months of October and November Virgin Atlantic had to face rude and offensive comments originated by a group of dismissed workers of the company referring to the bad quality of the company and even offending some of the passengers. All this , via Facebook forums and postings that leads to a public–relations disaster.
In addition to this, to make matter worse , it is important to say that both companies have an agreement with its employees about the conditions of use of the Internet; BA make employees sign a policy that forbids them from posting information about the company without authorisation and Virgin has several internal channels to satisfy workers problems so that they do not have to make use social of networks. However , having this agreements is not sufficient , managers need to monitor online activity closely in order to notice that everything works correctly instead of finding out these derogatory comments by their own passengers ( Virgin´s) or through a press report ( BA ). A way to prevent this acts is to frequent pages where people exchange gossip and views.

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