The article “Losing Face” from the Economist print edition, November 6th 2009, is about social networks and how companies use this type of technology to reach a great audience like advertising through television or radio, although this media is much cheaper. Companies are using Facebook and MySpace as examples of social networks which are the most popular sites for young people.

This text then mentions the threats a company may face if the company uses this type of channel, affecting directly to their image and company ethics, as British Airways (BA) and Virgin Atlantic have discovered. One of the threats the company faces is employees who can send critics about the company or the service they give. As social networks hit a wide audience it can reach many people and can turn a fantastic public-relations (PR) campaign into a PR disaster campaign.

Finally, employers should educate their employees to prevent these leaks of information and control activity online to prevent employees from sending critics about the company they represent.

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