In the article ''Losing face'', the author states that the use of social networks such as Facebook and Myspace can damage the company if they are used in a bad way, and this is what has actually happened with the firms British Airways (BA) and Virgin Atlantic. It has been proved that members of the crew used this media to post their negative opinions about several aspects of the companies and their customers, such as the lack of cleaning inside the planes and bad smell and behaviour of its customers.
This facts made companies realize that is necessary to educate staff in a more effective way about this online medias, eventhough employees sign a policy which doesn't allow them to post information about the company without authorisation.
Finally, the solution that the author proposes to the problem is to control more frquently the online activity in order to prevent terrible events, and mentions what Phil Gomes of Edelman calls ''online watering holes'', wehere people can exchange opinions and gossip.

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