The article “A Tale of Two Airlines and Their Facebook Fiascos” shows that promoting yourself through popular social networks such as Facebook or MySpace can be a really helpful marketing strategy, but companies like Virgin Atlantic or British Airways have seen that it can also carry disadvantages. Between ending October and beginning November, the image of these companies suffered when their own employees attacked its clients as well as the company’s reputation on Internet. This kind of behaviour has put in doubt how prepared these employees were when using Internet even when the companies argued that they had methods to prevent this from happening…the question is, are they really working? It is very important to take into account that the growth of these social networks makes the companies’ online message even more significant (because of the wider audience) and thus, a stricter control should be considered when posting on Internet. If this is not done, examples like Virgin Atlantic or British Airways will arise, where the problem was found when it had already caused damage.
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