The article "Losing Face", published on Nov. 6th. 2008 in the Economist print edition, talks about the two faces of using social networks, such as Facebook and MySpace, by companies as marketing tools. For all is known that it can be a very potential way of advertising but the article focus on the other side, there is also a negative impact for the companies, as British Airways (BA) and Virgin Atlantic have discovered.

Losing Face shows their lectors how some members of the staff of the two airlines had used this social networks to attack the companies they work in and also their own customers, which cause a damage on the image of both firms. For this reason the two enterprises fired some of its cabin crew.

BA and Atlantic Virgin defend theirselves, for example Virgin says it has internal channels for employees to vent frustations, but the article asks : Is these enough? Because if it is, why the staff feels the need to moan on Facebook or MySpace?

Losing Face concludes to affirm that at the end is obvious that is better to prevent than to cure so managers, which have recognize that they have learnt about this experience, have to make sure their staff respect the company's rules, they have to improve the ways their employees can vent their frustations, using for example what Phil Gomes calls "online watering holes", and also educate their staff about a good use of the internet.

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