In the article “Losing Face” from the economist print edition published on November 6th 2008 the author argue the disadvantages of exploiting social networks such as Facebook and MySpace to get their messages to a broader audience. These disadvantages are reflect for example in some companies as British Airways (BA) and Virgin Atlantic.

In both companies cabin crew had posted derogatory comments about its safety standards on Facebook, were all people who enter can see them. For example some employees put bad things about passenger, like they are annoying. Because of this rises the question if the companies educated correctly to their employees about using the internet correctly. The answer of the BA is that employees’ sign a policy that forbids them from posting information without an authorization while Virgin Atlantic says they have an internal channel were the staff can put their frustrations so they don’t need to use social networks.

The article concludes saying that managers must take care of the online activity to prevent rules are respected. “Prevention is better than cure”

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