Companies and social networks :Losing face

In the article “Losing Face”, from The Economist print edition published on Novemeber 6th, 2008, the author states that Using social networks to get people to know your company (as a way of promotion) is not always as efficient as it seems; British Airways and Virgin Atlantic have experienced why.

In this networks , such as Facebook or MySpace, you are not able to control everything is said or done, and this is what has happened with these two enterprises: some cabin crew members of Virgin posted wounding comments about the company and its passengers.

Eventhough they may be right, and people is not always as exquisite as we expect, it highly damages the image of the firm and it shows little control of employees behaviour; to prevent this unpolite and seriousness manners, managers are closely keeping an eye on their employees by making them sign a policy that prevents this acts and from now on, companies are on alert in case other similar cases take place.

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