The article, “Losing face”, published on November 6th, 2008, in The Economist, explains how Facebook and Myspace, two social networks can seriously damage the image of two very well-known airplane companies such as British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.
The problem described in the article began when thirteen staff members of Virgin Atlantic were fired due to the lack of respect expressed towards their clients on a Facebook forum. Thirteen employees of the cabin crew deliberately insulted passengers, especially those who complained with rage. These two companies tried to prevent this problem by enforcing laws that prohibited posting these messages on social networks, and by creating internal channels in which their employees could express themselves freely, thus releasing their hatred or discomfort against their clients.
It is now clear, that these measures implemented were not enough to stop employees from expressing themselves without any type of hesitation on these social networks where their messages could be seen by everyone in the world. So now the question is whether or not these companies seriously affected by one of these social network’s downsides can overcome this problem by creating “online watering holes” in which employees can gossip and criticize with no need of posting them publicly.

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